Splatoon 3 Amiibo Guide: Every Amiibo Gear Set and How to Unlock Them

Like previous games in the series, Splatoon 3 is compatible with a range of Amiibo figures. In addition to the three new Amiibo launching this holiday, the game supports all previous Splatoon figures — so if you already have some in your collection, you can scan them to nab some exclusive rewards.

Each Splatoon Amiibo unlocks an exclusive set of gear that can’t otherwise be obtained in the game. Here’s what gear you get with each figure and how to scan them.

Splatoon Amiibo Gear

While Nintendo has not yet announced what the upcoming Splatoon 3 Amiibo figures will unlock, every previous Splatoon series Amiibo nets you at least one piece of headgear, clothing and shoes. Here’s the full list so far:

Pearl Amiibo

Pearl Amiibo gear in Splatoon 3

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET
  • Pearlescent Crown
  • Pearlescent Hoodie
  • Pearlescent Kicks

Marina Amiibo

Marina Amiibo gear in Splatoon 3

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET
  • Marinated Headphones
  • Marinated Top
  • Marinated Slip-ons

Callie Amiibo

  • Hero Headset Replica
  • Hero Jacket Replica
  • Hero Runner Replica

Marie Amiibo

  • Armor Helmet Replica
  • Armor Jacket Replica
  • Armor Boot Replica

Octoling Girl Amiibo

Enchanted Amiibo gear in Splatoon 3

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET
  • Enchanted Hat
  • Enchanted Robes
  • Enchanted Boots

Octoling Boy Amiibo

Steel Amiibo gear set in Splatoon 3

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET
  • Steel Helm
  • Steel Platemail
  • Steel Greaves

Octoling Octopus Amiibo

  • Fresh Fish Head
  • Fresh Fish Gloves
  • Fresh Fish Feet

Inkling Girl (Splatoon 2) Amiibo

  • Squid Clip-ons
  • School Cardigan
  • Fringed Loafers

Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2) Amiibo

  • Squinja Mask
  • Squinja Suit
  • Squinja Shoes

Inkling Squid (Splatoon 2) Amiibo

  • Power Mask Mk 1
  • Power Armor Mk 1
  • Power Boots Mk 1

Inkling Girl (Splatoon 1) Amiibo

  • School Hairclip
  • School Uniform
  • Base School Shoes

Inkling Boy (Splatoon 1) Amiibo

  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samurai Jacket
  • Samurai Shoes

Inkling Squid (Splatoon 1) Amiibo

  • Power Mask
  • Power Armor
  • Power Boots

How to Scan Amiibo

As in Splatoon 2, in order to scan an Amiibo in Splatoon 3, you must first interact with the oversized Amiibo box located in Splatsville. When prompted, place your Amiibo figure on your controller and wait several seconds to scan it. Once the scan is complete, the character will greet you in the game, and you’ll add that figure’s associated gear to your collection.

Splatoon 3 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Returning players can transfer some data from Splatoon 2, but only when first starting up the game. If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you can also grab a slick free background for your Splashtag.

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